Green S.O.C. (Prof. Luigi Vaccaro)

Research Area: 

Laboratory of Green Synthetic Organic Chemistry 

Research Leader: Prof. Luigi Vaccaro

The research of Green S.O.C. is aimed at the definition of environmentally-friendly and chemically-efficient synthetic methodologies for the formation of carbon-carbon or carbon heteroatom bonds. Organic transformations are investigated to develop a modern and efficient organic synthesis accordingly to Green Chemistry principles

Main features of our approach are:

- the use of safe recoverable solvent deriving from biomasses to replace classic toxic organic solvents,

- preparation and use of new polymer supported catalytic system

- definition of waste-minimized processes based on the use of recoverable heterogeneous catalysts and continuous-flow reactors

- Application of green metrics to quantify sustainability advance of our procedures

- Continuous-flow protocols for valorization of biomass and design of bio-derived chemicals

Green S.O.C. is also involved in the “fully green approach to energy” and “Benign Solvent Design”.

Our goal is to define environmentally efficient synthetic methodologies for the large-scale preparation of organic materials to really contribute to the development of organic photovoltaics as a renewable energy source and to ace innovative safe solvents.


Assunta Marrocchi ( - Researcher

Oriana Piermatti ( - Associate Professor

Luigi Vaccaro ( - Associate Professor  - COORDINATOR

Stefano Santoro ( – Associate Professor

Vadym Kozell (PhD Student)

Francesco Ferlin (PhD Student)

Valeria Trombettoni (PhD Student)

Federica Valentini (PhD student)

Lorenzo Luciani (PhD student)

Ioannis Anastasious (PhD student)

Filippo Campana (post-lauream bursary)

Matteo Cappelletti (post-lauream bursary)


ITALY: Prof. Roberto Ballini and Prof. Alessandro Palmieri (University of Camerino), Prof. Raimondo Maggi (University of Parma), Prof. Maurizio Taddei and Prof. Elena Petricci (University of Siena), Prof. Michelangelo Gruttadauria (University of Palermo).

USA: Prof. Dr. Antonio Facchetti, Northwestern University and POLYERA Inc (IL, USA), greening organic semiconductors;

ISRAEL: Prof. Dmitri Gelman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL), heterogeneous organometallic catalysts in flow.

CHINA: Prof. Xugang Guo, South University of Science and Technology of China, organic semiconductors

EUROPE: Prof. Dr. Lutz Ackermann, Goettingen (D), Prof. Andrew S. Weller, Oxford (UK), Prof. Wim De Borggraeve and Prof. Mario Smet, K.U. Leuven (BE), solid catalysts and flow chemistry, Prof. Carmela Aprile Universitè de Namur (BE) heterogeneous catalysts characterization.


SYSTEA SpA; STERLING SpA, SOLVAY Specialty Polymers Italy SpA., ELETTRA Srl.; Johnson Matthey UK, 

Research Projects: 

Research projects 

- 2010-2013 FIRB –Futuro in Ricerca 2009 Innovative sustainable synthetic methodologies for C-H activation processes.


- 2012 " Employment of the automated cyclic continuous-flow reactor technology for the clean large-scale fabrication of organic solar cells", Israel-Italy Joint Innovation Program for Scientific and Technological Cooperation in R&D.


- H-CCAT within NMPB call of Horizon 2020: for more info go to


-Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Perugia 2016- Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica


 “Preparazione di bioadditivi per biocarburanti derivanti da biomassa lignocellulosica”.


Luigi Vaccaro: invited talk at Achema 2018, 11-15 Giugno 2018, Frankfurt (DE),

Luigi Vaccaro: invited talk at Photo4Future 2017, 13 Dicembre 2017, Toledo (Spain), 
Luigi Vaccaro: invited talk at CPAC Rome Workshop 2018, March 19-21, 2018, University of Washington Rome Center, Rome, Italy

Luigi Vaccaro: invited talk at the PACIFICHEM 2015, 13-21 Dicembre 2015, Honolulu (US),

Assunta Marrocchi, Invited talk at PACIFICHEM 2015, 13-21 Dicembre 2015, Honolulu (USA)
Symposium on "Advanced Materials for Photonics and Electronics: Fundamentals and Applications"; Session: "Recognizing the Research of Tobin J. Marks"

Luigi Vaccaro: invited talk at the "XXXVI Convegno della Divisione di Chimica Organica - CDCO 2015", 13-17 Settembre 2015, Bologna,

Assunta MArrocchi, Invited Seminar at Institut fur Organische Chemie, Technische Universitaet  Braunschweig (Germany) "Organic Materials Synthesis for Optoelectronic Device Fabrication and Testing"

Luigi Vaccaro: Scientific Committee of the "3° Workshop Nazionale GRUPPO INTERDIVISIONALE GREEN CHEMISTRYCHIMICA SOSTENIBILE", 12 Giugno 2015, Portici (NA),

Luigi Vaccaro: Scientific Committee of the First Green Chemistry School, 27-29 September 2015, Verbania.

Luigi Vaccaro: Scientific Committee of the ExpoChimica, Bologna 25-27 Novemmbre 2015

Italian Guests: 


Foreign Guests: 

Prof. C. Oliver Kappe, University of Graz

Prof. Rafael Luque, University of Cordoba

Prof. Lutz Ackermann, University of Goettingen

Prof. Andrew Weller, University of Oxford

Prof. Darren J. Dixon, University of Oxford


Prof. Dmitri Gelman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ph.D. Students: 

Vadym Kozell, Novel polymers for heterogenous catalytic systems

Valeria Trombettoni, Novel catalytic systems for the preparation of chemicals from biomass.

Francesco Ferlin, Heterogenous approaches to C-H activation processes

Federica Valentini, Novel catalytic heterogeneous systems for metal-catalyzed transformations

Lorenzo Luciani, Novel safe solvents for waste minimized protocols

Ioannis Anastasiou, Henetrogeneous approaches to oxidative C‑H functionalization reactions

Thesis Students: 

Chiara Pennetta, Solid Organic Catalysts for Hydroformilation and Carbonylation Reactions, currently at K. U. Leuven in Prof. W. de Borggraeve group, (Master thesis Scienze Chimiche).


Tommaso Giannoni, Studio dell'attività catalitica di Pd immobilizzato su ZrPGly nelle reazioni di Suzuki e di Heck, (Bachelor thesis Chimica)


Simone Ziarelli, Novel reaction media, A sustainable approach to Catellani reaction, (Master thesis Scienze Chimiche).


Bruno Rossetti, Solid Organic Catalyst, Synthesis of a novel pincer to immobilize metal catalysts, (Master thesis Scienze Chimiche).


Maurizio Cuomo, Useful biochemical from biomasses, (Master thesis Biotecnologie Industriali).


Roberta Saccomandi, A sustainable approach to C-H functionalization, Erasmus student at the University of Goettingen under the supervisone of Prof. L. Ackermann, (Master thesis Scienze Chimiche).


John Anastasiou, A synthetic strategy to access novel imidazolium-based pincers, (Bachelor thesis Chimica).


Nicola Taurisano, Solid fluoride sources to promote the acetylene addition to carbonyls, (Bachelor thesis Chimica).


Aurora Lombi, Novel biobased medium for the synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles via click reaction, (Bachelor thesis Chimica)


Camilla Melone, Solid Fluorid-promoted synthesis of bis-propargyl alcohols, (Bachelor thesis Chimica)


Mattia Francesco Bruni, heterogenous approaches to C-H activation, (Bachelor thesis Chimica)


Daniele Sciosci, Novel heterogenous support for metal catalysts, (Bachelor thesis Chimica)



Alessandro Porciello, Heterogenous solid acid for the synthesis of biobased fuel additives, (Bachelor thesis Chimica)

Lecturers Mobility: 

Assunta MArrocchi, April 2015: Visiting lecturer at the  University of Malta, Department of Conservation and Built Heritage, Faculty for the Built Environment.

Students Mobility: 

Adrien Comes, University of Namur, incoming Erasmus student (Placement)

Micheal McLaughlin, IREU student funded by the ACS within the program funded by National Science Foundation under award number CHE-0755206.

Chiara Pennetta, outgoing Erasmus student, KU Leuven (BE).

Roberta Saccomandi,  outgoing Erasmus student, University of Goettingen (D).

Lorenzo Luciani, outgoing Erasmus student, University of Cardiff (UK).

Ioannis Anastasiou, outgoing Erasmus student, University of Oxford (UK).

Mahin Ramezani, Visting PhD student from Iran

Dace Rasina, visiting PhD student from Lativan Institue of Chemistry, Riga, Latvia

Fariba Rahmani, Visiting student from Iran

Arianna Kahler-Quesada, IREU student from Oregon State University May-August 2015.

Soliver Fusi, IREU student from University of Maryland May-August 2016

Emili Goff, visiting student from Cardiff University, academic year 2016/2017

Hamed Mahmoudi, visiting PhD student from Teheran University

Tayyebeh Mahdavi Abbasabadi, visiting student from Teheran University

Contracts and Accords: 


Selected Publications: 




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