Manuela Rebora




Manuela Rebora

Research Group: Biodiversity & Ecology





Current Position:  Permanent Researcher (Assistant Professor of Zoology, SSD BIO/05-Zoologia) at the Dept. of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, University of Perugia. Via Elce di Sotto, 06123 Perugia, Italy.

E-mail:; Tel: +39 075-5855722; Fax: +39 075-5855733.

Place and DOB: Genova, July 12,1969. Status: Married with three children.



Jan 13 2014. National Scientific Qualification (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale) as Associate Professor of Zoology (Settore concorsuale 05/B1).

Mar 10, 1999. Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Entomology. University of Perugia.

Jun 9 1993. "Laurea" (Master's Degree) in Biological Sciences. University of Genova.



2005-present. Permanent Researcher (Assistant Professor of Zoology,) at the Dept. of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology (formerly Department of Cellular and Environmental Biology).

2003. Post-doctoral scholarship at the Department of Cellular and Environmental Biology at the University of Perugia with the project “The sensory structures of Odonata”.

1999-2002. Temporary research assistance at the Department of Cellular and Environmental Biology (DBCA)  at the University of Perugia with the project ”The sensory systems of Ephemeroptera”.

1996-1999. Ph.D. student in “Agricultural Entomology” at the University of Perugia.

1992-1993 Undergraduate Internship at the Zoology Institute of the University of Genova.



2012-present. Perugia’s University Lecturer: “Animal Biology for Biotechnology” of the first level degree course in “Biotechnology (Biotecnologie)”

2005-present. Perugia’s University Lecturer: “Animal Behaviour” of the master degree course in “Environmental Sciences and Technologies (Scienze e Tecnologie Naturalistiche e Ambientali)”.

2011-2013. Perugia’s University Lecturer: “Electron Microscopy Technique” of the first level degree course in “Techniques of medical laboratory (Tecniche di laboratorio biomedico)”.

2007-2011. Perugia’s University Lecturer: “General Zoology” of the first level degree course in “Biology (Biologia)”.



2013 December. Erasmus Professor at the Christian Albrechts University (Germany)– Staff mobility for teaching assignment (STA) AA: 2013/2014

2013 April. . Erasmus Professor at Universidad de Vigo (Spain)– Staff mobility for teaching assignment (STA) AA: 2012/2013

April-July 1997 (4 months). Stage at the Rothamsted Experimental Station (Harpenden, UK) to work on insect pheromones.

April 1994 (1 month) Stage at CEAB (Centre D'Estudis Avançats de Blanes-Barcellona, Spain) on aquatic insects communities .



2014 Member of the Advisory  board of Arthropod Structure & Development (Elsevier).

2006-present. Referee for international journalsasMicron (Elsevier), Microscopy Research and Technique (Wiley), Physiological Entomology (Wiley), Odonatologica (Societas Internationalis Odonatologica), Chemical Senses (Elsevier), PlosOne.



2014-present. Member of the “Giunta di Dipartimento” of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology

2013-present. Member of the Board of Professors (Collegio di Dottorato) of the PhD course in Biotecnology

2007-2013 Member of the Board of Professors (Collegio di Dottorato) of the PhD course in Animal Biology and Ecology.

2001-present. Member of the Professional Society  Unione Zoologica Italiana.

2013. Organization of the VI Convegno Nazionale “Le libellule in Italia” 16-17 March 2013 Trevi (Perugia).

2001. Organization of the “2001 International Joint Meeting on Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera” - Perugia 5/11 August 2001



-Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly, Unité Mixte de Recherche "Physiologie de l'Insecte: Signalisation et Communication" Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique INRA Versailles (France)

-Bill Hansson, Jurgen Rybak, Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology,  Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena (Germany)

-Adolfo Cordero Rivera Grupo de Ecoloxía Evolutiva e da Conservación, Departamento de Ecoloxía e Bioloxía Animal, Universidade de Vigo, Pontevedra, (Spain)

-J. Manuel Tierno de Figueroa Departamentos de Ecología, Zoología y Botánica de la Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Granada (Spain).

-Stanislav Gorb, Zoological Institute: Functional Morphology and Biomechanics, Christian Albrechts Universität, Kiel (Germany)

-Tor Jorgen Almaas, Department of Biology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (Norwey)

-Gianandrea Salerno, Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari e Ambientali, University of Perugia, Italy



2010 Progetto FIRB:  A new insight in chemical ecology of insects: role of chemical cues in "visual dependent insects" (Una nuova prospettiva nell’ecologia chimica degli insetti: l’olfatto nelle libellule), P.I. Dott.Piersanti S.

2009/2010 DNA SEQUENCING GENOSCOPE, Institut de Génomique CEA/DSV, CP 5706, 91057 Evry Cedex (France) Project title "Antennal ESTs from basal lineages of insects with derived life styles: understanding the evolution of an atypical insect-specific class of receptors – the olfactory receptors" P.I. Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly, Unit Resp. Manuela Rebora

2007-2010 Progetto FISR “Modello integrato per l’evoluzione degli ecosistemi naturali e agricoli in relazione ai cambiamenti climatici nell’area mediterranea (M.I.C.E.N.A.)” P.I. Prof. Sediari, Unit Resp. Prof. Panara F.

1999 Progetto PRIN: ”Interazioni ecologiche e biochimiche tra biosistemi acquatici e substrati naturali” P.I.. Prof. Cattaneo R., Unit Resp. Prof. Gaino E.

2010 Progetto Fondazione Cassa Di Risparmio Perugia dal titolo “La zanzara tigre nel territorio perugino: nuovi aspetti bio-ecologici e sanitari” P.I. Prof. Cenci Goga B.

2008 Progetto Fondazione Cassa Di Risparmio Perugia dal titolo “Criticità della risorsa idrica e innalzamento della temperatura nel Lago Trasimeno: strategie d'intervento”  P.I. Prof. Gaino E.

1999 Progetto di Ateneo dell’Università di Perugia: “Biodiversità ed effetti dello stress ambientale sui popolamenti di un sistema regolato: il Lago di Piediluco” P.I. Prof. Gaino E.



Dr. Manuela Rebora coordinates the laboratory of Ultrastructure and Morphology of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, which investigates in particular aquatic insect sensory biology. In the last years, ultrastructural together with electrophysiological and behavioural investigations have been carried out (in collaboration with research groups of the University of Perugia and other European research groups) to get inside the physiology of aquatic insect sensilla and their biological role in insect life. At the moment the laboratory is investigating the role and physiology of antennal sensilla in adult dragonflies.


She published 43 publications on ISI journals (see, 2 on non ISI journals, 8 book chapters and 46 conference proceedings (May 2014).