Luisa Ederli


Current Position:  Permanent Researcher (Assistant Professor SSD BIO/04)  at the Dept. of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, University of Perugia. Via Borgo XX Giugno n°74, 06121 Perugia, Italy.

E-mail:; Tel: +39 075-5856408

Education and Professional experiences:

1992- Degree in Biological Sciences, Perugia University

1994 - Habilitation to Biologist Profession

1997- PhD (Applied Botany), Perugia University

1997 - Specialization School in the “Biotechnology in Plant Physiology” Maratea (PZ)

1999-2004 - Fellowship, University of Perugia

2005-today: Researcher of Plant Physiology (BIO/04) - University of Perugia

2014- National Scientific Habilitation (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale) as Associate Professor of Fisiologia vegetale (Settore concorsuale 05/A2 Fisiologia vegetale).

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: The research activity mainly focuses on: 1) plant responses to biotic and abiotic stresses with particular attention to effects on the photosynthesis metabolism, xanthophylls cycle, scavenging system, carbohydrate allocation, plant molecular signals that regulate defense gene expression. 2) purification and characterization of acid phosphatases of barley and relationship with phosphate starvation. 3) characterization of allergens pollens in rural and urban areas. 4) phytoremediation of heavy-metal contaminated soils.

The research activity has produced 42 publications on ISI journals; h-index 17 (Web of Science) and 50 proceedings submitted to national and international Congresses.

Selected publications:

- Ederli L, Dawe A, Pasqualini S, Quaglia M, Xiong L, Gehring C. (2015). Arabidopsis flower specific defense gene expression patterns affect resistance to pathogens. Frontiers in Plant Science, 6/Article 79, pp. 13. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00079.

- PAOLETTI E, CASTAGNA A, EDERLI L, PASQUALINI S, RANIERI A, MANNING WJ. (2014). Gene expression in snapbeans exposed to ozone and protected by ethylenediurea. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 193, 1-5.

- THOMAS L, MARONDEDZE C, EDERLI L, PASQUALINI S, GEHRING C. (2013). Proteomic signatures implicate cAMP in light and temperature responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS, 83, 47-59.

- PASQUALINI S, REALE L, CALDERINI O, PAGIOTTI R, EDERLI L. (2012). Involvement of protein kinases and calcium in the NO-signalling cascade for defence-gene induction in ozonated tobacco plants. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY,  63, 4485-4496.

- DI BACCIO D, EDERLI L, MARABOTTINI R, BADIANI M, FRANCINI A, NALI C, ANTONELLI M, SANTANGELO E, SEBASTIANI L, PASQUALINI S. (2012). Similar foliar lesions but opposite hormonal patterns in a tomato mutant impaired in ethylene perception and its near isogenic wild type challenged with ozone. ENVIRONMENTAL AND EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 75, 286-297.

- QUAGLIA M, EDERLI L, PASQUALINI S, ZAZZERINI A. (2011). Biological control agents and chemical inducers of resistance for postharvest control of Penicillium expansum Link. on apple fruit. POSTHARVEST BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY,  59 , 307-315.

- PASQUALINI S, TEDESCHINI E, FRENGUELLI G, WOPFNER N, FERREIRA F, D'AMATO G, EDERLI L. (2011). Ozone affects pollen viability and NAD(P)H oxidase release from Ambrosia artemisiifolia pollen. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 159, 2823-2830.

- EDERLI L, MADEO L, CALDERINI O, GEHRING C, MORETTI C, BUONAURIO R, PAOLOCCI F, PASQUALINI S. (2011). The Arabidopsis thaliana cysteine-rich receptor-like kinase CRK20 modulates host responses to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 infection. JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 168, 1784-1794.

- EDERLI L, REALE L, MADEO L, FERRANTI F, GEHRING C, FORNACIARI M, ROMANO B, PASQUALINI S. (2009). NO release by nitric oxide donors in vitro and in planta. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 47: 42-48.

-PASQUALINI S, MEIER S, GEHRING C, MADEO L, FORNACIARI M, ROMANO B, EDERLI L. (2009). Ozone and nitric oxide induce cGMP-dependent and -independent transcription of defence genes in tobacco. NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 181: 860-870.

-MEIER S, MADEO L, EDERLI L, DONALDSON L, PASQUALINI S, GEHRING C. (2009). Deciphering cGMP signature and cGMP-dependent pathways in plant defence. PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR, 4: 307-309.

- VILLARINI M, FATIGONI C, DOMINICI L, MAESTRI S, EDERLI L, PASQUALINI S, MONARCA S, MORETTI M. (2009). Assessing the genotoxicity of urban air pollutants using two in situ plant bioassays. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 157: 3354-3356.

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- EDERLI L, MEIER S, BORGOGNI A, REALE L, FERRANTI F, GHERING C, PASQUALINI S. (2008). cGMP in ozone and NO dependent responses. PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR, 3: 36-37.

- ANTONELLI M, DI BACCIO D, EDERLI L, FRANCINI A, MARABOTTINI R, PELLEGRINI E, CIAFFI M, LORENZINI G, NALI C, PASQUALINI S, SANTANGELO E, SEBASTIANI L, SORESSI G, BADIANI M. (2008). Ozone as a tool for studying stress responses in tomato: signalling and defence in normal and mutant lines. ACTA HORTICULTURAE, 789: 159-166.

-CASTAGNA A, EDERLI L, PASQUALINI S, MENSUALI-SODI A, BALDAN B, DONNINI S, RANIERI A. (2007). The tomato ethylene receptor Le-ETR3 (NR) is not involved in mediating ozone sensitivity: causal relationships among ethylene emission, oxidative burst and tissue damage. NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 174: 342-356.

- Pasqualini S, Paolocci F, Borgogni A, Morettini R, Ederli L. (2007). The overexpression of an alternative oxidase gene triggers ozone sensitivity in tobacco plants . PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT, 30: 1545-1556.

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-1998 MIUR – National Interest Research Program

-2000 MIUR – National Interest Research Program

-2003 MIUR – National Interest Research Program

-2003 Private Grant from “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Perugia”

-2005 MIUR – National Interest Research Program

-2005 Private Grant from “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Perugia”

-2006 F.I.S.R. M.I.C.E.N.A.

-2012 Private Grant from “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Perugia”

-2012 MIUR – National Interest Research Program

-2013 Progetto Regione Lazio


- A.A 2004/2005 e 2005/2006 Teacher  in Sperimental Biology Laboratory (LIBS), Laurea Triennale Scienze Biologiche, University of Perugia.

- AA. 2006/2007-2008/2009 Perugia’s University Lecturer  Food biotechnology“ (Mod.1), Laurea Specialistica LS44 - Metodologie Biochimiche Biomolecolari Applicate.

- AA. 2007/2008 Perugia’s University Lecturer  Plant biotechnology “ (Mod.2), Laurea Triennale Scienze Biologiche.

- A.A 2008/2009-2009/2010 Perugia’s University Lecturer  Plant biotechnology “ (MOD.1 e MOD.2), Laurea Triennale Scienze Biologiche.

- 2010-present Perugia’s University Lecturer  Plant biotechnology“, Laurea Magistrale Scienze Biomolecolari Applicate.

Tutor/ Supervisor:

Graduating and PhD students.

Academy and Scientific Society:

Member of Doctoral School of Plant biology and agro environmental biotechnology (2005-2014)

Member of Scientific Committee of the “Research center on climate and climatic change” (2013)

Member of Plant Biology Society (SBI)

Member of Paritetic Committee (Commissione paritetica) for Biological Sciences course (2009-2011)

Member of Teaching Committee (Commissione didattica) for Biological Sciences course (2011-2013).